The Traditional Blend

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Traditional Kopi (also known as Nanyang coffee) is made by roasting Robusta beans with caramelized sugar and margarine in a wok, so as to enhance the taste of the Robusta beans and give it the unique aroma that we know and love.

Our Traditional Blend is no different. It features a mix of Robusta beans from various farms in Indonesia and Liberica beans from Malaysia, roasted with sugar and margarine.

Did you know that our Traditional Blend remains unchanged since we started selling in 1974?

A strong body with a lingering finish, this is the traditional Singapore Kopi you know and love!

Whether you like it with condensed milk (Kopi), evaporated milk (Kopi-C), sugar (Kopi-O), or even on its own (Kopi-Kosong), let our traditional blend start your day with its robust taste!