Single Serve Sachets

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Our pre-packed Single Serve Sachets are your perfect on-the-go, easy to brew companion!

For the Kopi blends, these sachets produce a brew similar to the Kopi Sock. For the dry-roasted coffee options, these sachets produce a brew similar to the French Press. 

For that reason, these sachets are perfect for those who are looking for a fuss-free method to have a freshly brewed cup of coffee/kopi - without having to deal with the coffee grounds or cleanup after brewing! 

Simply place the sachet into your cup, pour water and wait 3-5 minutes (you may stir to quicken the process). Once the coffee has reached your desired strength, just discard and enjoy.



Please note that sachets are 100% coffee grounds, with no sugar added.  

Each pack contains 10 pre-packed sachets (15g coffee/sachet) in a resealable bag. Best brewed within 2 weeks of opening. Ensure to keep the pack tightly sealed, or in an air-tight container for the freshest aroma and flavours. 

P.S. Don't worry, we've also included instructions on the back of the actual bag for your easy reference! 



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A taste of heritage

and fresh perspectives

Yong Seng Coffee specialises in Singapore's favourite - traditional Nanyang coffee, a.k.a. kopi (meaning coffee in Malay). Being the lifeblood of many Singaporeans, we have served our many blends of traditional kopi for over 40 years, in addition to a selection of dry-roasted coffee of various origins.

Today, embodying heritage with every bag, we strive to keep our family's legacy and Singapore's kopi culture alive, while continuously working to expand and refine our offerings to cater to your ever-evolving preferences.


Tried the Arabica Blend and it changed my perspective of white coffee. Ditch your 3-in-1 and brew your own coffee with Yong Seng this CB period.

Song Yong

I ordered all the 6 choices (of Drip Bag Coffee) to try. Arrived yesterday and tried the Signature Blend #1 this morning. Clear indication of roasted & packing dates on each packet. Fresh and full of aroma, highly recommended. Tks!

Jo Peh