Coffee Chats

How to Brew?! - Kopi Sock

There are so many different methods of brewing coffee, but none is more iconic than the kopi sock! Brewing with the kopi sock is actually very simple – just immerse your kopi grounds in water, stir, and pour through the kopi sock to strain it!

Though not quite as fanciful as the steps taken by the barista at your favourite cafe, kopi brewing is actually an art by itself as well. Each and every kopi master at our favourite kopi stall have their own unique style or routine - from the way they pour hot water into the pot to the steeping durations of the kopi grounds. These seasoned masters have, through their own experience, understood and learnt how best to brew their favourite kopi blends.

How to Brew?! - Drip Bags

DID YOU KNOW… Single-use drip bags originated from Japan and have been around since the 90s.  It remains one of the most convenient ways to brew fresh, quality coffee with little to no clean up at all! This ingenious creation makes coffee brewing as simple as just pouring hot water through the coffee grinds, and letting it drain into your cup before serving.

I’m sure many of us have seen it before, and have probably wondered, “How to use??”. Don’t worry, though it looks like origami, it’s not as complicated as you think!

Specialty coffee? Try our #dYScover collection!

Objectively speaking, yes, specialty coffee will taste better than regular commercial/commodity grade coffee. BUT! All of us perceive aroma and taste differently – one man’s meat is another’s poison! So really, specialty coffee may not necessarily taste better to us.

At the end of the day, what is most important is that we enjoy the cup of coffee that is in front of us.

What is body, aroma and acidity?!

All three qualities - body, aroma and acidity - are very subjective and will be perceived differently from person to person. However, indicators on our product pages are there as a guide to help you make your decision, based on our teams’ opinions.

  • Body = the coffee’s mouthfeel, i.e. how ‘gao’ it is (not in strength, but in ‘thickness’ – compare drinking regular black tea vs milk tea) 


Not sure which coffee to go for? Read this first…

Here at Yong Seng Coffee, we have two types of coffee – traditional kopi, and normal coffee. 

Traditional kopi is (traditionally..) roasted with sugar and margarine. It's usually found only in South-East Asia, and is most commonly offered at hawker centres, or breakfast joints like Toast Box or Ya Kun Kaya Toast.