India Thippanahalli (October 2020)

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Do you know how coffee began in India? The story goes like this: in 1670, an Indian pilgrim by the name Baba Budan passed through Yemen while returning from Mecca and smuggled out seven coffee seeds (illegally, as the export of coffee seeds was strictly controlled). Baba Budan then planted these seeds in the now known area of Chikmagular district of the Karnataka region, which set the stage for the cultivation of coffee in India. So significant were his actions that the hills in that area bears his name, Bababudangiri.

Some of the coffee growing regions of India includes: Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, and Andhra Pradesh. Our coffee this month comes from the Thippanahalli Estate in Bababudangiri. This Estate has been growing coffee for the past seven generations and are located on the slopes of Mullayanagiri, the highest peak in Karnataka.

Expect a medium body cup of coffee with mild acidity, and notes of caramel and spices, and a long lingering aftertaste of dark chocolate!

As our #dYScover beans are roasted specially, and separately from the rest of our offerings, we only have limited quantities per month! If you have ever thought or wondered about specialty coffee from India, do make sure you give this a try soon!

There are so many different types of coffee grown in various regions of the world, with each region tasting very distinct from one another. 

#dYScover, by Yong Seng Coffee, is our attempt at letting you experience high quality/specialty coffee from the various coffee-producing regions of the world. Read more about specialty coffee here!

Join us on this journey as we bring in coffee from different regions every month, as we explore the world of coffee together.