Taste of Yong Seng

Not sure whether to go for the Traditional Blend or the Signature Blends? What's the difference between The Arabica Blend and the Colombian Supremo? Or perhaps, you'd like to try your hand at making kopi like the kopitiam aunties and uncles do? Well, our Taste of Yong Seng boxes allows you to do just that! 


Featuring different blends based on your preference for kopi or white coffee, along with a kopi sock and drip bags for ease of brewing (they come with instructions don't worry! 😉), this is the perfect kit to start your brewing journey! 


Our Taste of Yong Seng boxes are also perfect as a gift to your family or friends! Spend some time with your family or loved ones and see who can make the better cup of coffee at home!


What's in the box:

- 3 x 100g of kopi/coffee

- 1 x Kopi Sock

- 15 x Drip Bags